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Old School New Body Review 2020 – Does This Really Work?

Review of Old School New BodyLook younger and fit with the Old School New Body Program

If you look around you, you will see that more than 90% of today’s men and women look older than their age. What could be the reason? Is there a way to stop ourselves from looking older? Do I need to take pills or undergo surgeries to look younger? The answers are a Yes and a No. Yes, you can definitely start looking young and youthful again. And no, you don’t need to take pills or anything else. The simplest thing you need to follow is a workout routine that will completely change the way you look and feel so you should really love what we’ve uncovered in this Old School New Body Review.

Old School New Body Review
  • Easy To Follow
  • Quickness of Results
  • Effectiveness
  • Overall Value
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The Old School New Body is a great product to look younger and build a healthy looking body. The best part is that you can be as old as you want to start this program, the only thing you need is the determination and commitment to feel healthy and young.

We do not get time to take care of our body’s needs because of the fast-paced lifestyle, but with this workout that requires you to do only 90 minutes per week, you can manage to live healthy lives. It is a great buy for anyone who want to bring positive changes in their lives.

The fact that they have a 100% no-questions asked money back guarantee that essentially says you get results or your money back is always an amazing to put your money where your mouth is as a company and stand behind your product. You can’t go wrong giving this program a shot. You can click here to get a coupon automatically applied to your purchase for their lowest available price and get started getting in the best shape of your life!

Do you think your face and body looks the same as your age? Do you think you’ve started to put on weight easily as you age? Are you in search of a fitness workout that is perfect for your body type? These are the questions that constantly pop into our mind in today’s modern world. We are so busy trying to balance our work and personal life that we forget to take care of our body and that’s why we here at HSR like to put out valuable content to help you do just that.

The kind of foods we consume and the pollution around us all add up to make us look way older than our actual age. People are struggling to find that youthful, energetic looking face and life again.

What is the Old School New Body Program?

The Old School New Body is basically a ‘resistance workout’ fitness program that aims to make you look lean and toned. This program will enable you to regain muscle which will eventually help you in burning fat off. This program involves a series of ‘low-weight’ workouts which are designed to help you-

  • burn calories faster
  • slow down the aging process
  • reshape your body
  • gain lean muscle
  • build healthy muscles and strengthen the joints
  • increase the production of growth hormones in the body

The basic principles of this fitness program are low-weight and high- reps resistance workout. They are based on the methods used by an old school renowned trainer called, Vince Gironda.

The workouts are collectively compiled in what is called the 'F4X protocol'. Before we delve more into it, let us first know a little about the creators of the program.

Creators of Old School New Body Becky and SteveWho are the creators of the program?

The Old School New Body program was jointly created by Steve Holman, his wife  Becky Holman and John Rowley. Steve and Becky are the perfect fitness couple.

Steve Holman is the editor of “Iron Magazine” since past 25 years and is a contemporary of Vince Gironda. He came across the principles and methods of this program when he was going through some old belongings of Vince Gironda after his death. Steve has written many books and articles on fitness, weight loss and nutrition. He is known to have started lifting weights while he was very young, but only after he began following the F4Xworkouts, his body transformed spectacularly.

Becky Holman is the best example of how well the program works. She started following the program only in her  40’s, but her transformation was amazing.

The body and shape the Holmans possess now are the perfect example of how young and fit you will look once you start the Old School New Body Program.

How does the program work?

It becomes quite a task to lose weight after you have reached your thirties. Our body’s ability to burn fat decreases drastically because we lose muscles as we age.

This program is formulated in such a way that it helps you gain lean muscles and increases the body’s ability to burn calories easily.

It gives you the necessary nutritional tips to help you maintain a healthy body and attain a fitter body shape.

It includes a combination of very easy workouts that enables high-intensity muscle workout. However, do not think that since it is easy, it does not need much hard work. In fact, the official website of the program specifically mentions that the program is not for those who think-

That a simple workout does not need hard work. This plan is made easy and simple only for you; otherwise, all workouts require hard work.

That you do not need to change your eating habits, the program asks you to make small dietary changes, which is required to help you lose more weight faster. They are nothing major but to avoid refined foods and carbs.

That resistance raining is not your cup of tea. Regardless of whether you do the Old School New Body, at home or at the gym, you need to do resistance training. That is the core of this workout plan.

That you are way too old for such workouts, no one is old enough for wanting a healthier looking body. And this workout is specially designed for older men and women.

That you are one of those people who buy the book but leaves it on your table and does not read it, don’t waste money to do that.

One should not be fooled by how simple these workouts look. They are the simplest, but they will give you maximum benefits with desired results.

What is the F4X protocol?

Here’s John Rowley, the 3rd creator of Old School New Body Speaking a little bit about the creation of the program:

The full form of F4X is “Focus-4 Exercise” protocol. This protocol is designed for a resistance workout with high-intensity muscle fatigue for maximum benefit. It focuses on letting you see maximum results with minimum risks involved. This can be achieved by doing a high-intensity workout and not just heavy joint-pounding exercises. The F4X system demands you to do 4 sets of the exercise with 10 reps for each set. The basic steps involved in the workout include:

  • Choose a weight that will allow you to do 15 reps
  • Do 10 reps instead with those weights
  • A 1-second (positive) and 3-seconds (negative) rule if followed for each rep.
  • A 35 seconds rest period is given
  • This whole thing is repeated for the given number of sets
  • For the last set, you should totally go all out and exercise till you can’t do another rep.
This whole system of training will specifically target your body muscles and cause muscle fatigue to the maximum. This kind of cardio training will help you reap your results sooner and in a healthier way.

The F4X system includes three different workout plans which focus on three different fitness goals that we want. All the three plans have 4 core exercises, that is:

  • Inclined Presses
  • Squats
  • Upright Row
  • Bent Over Row

These four exercises were specifically chosen because they are the most effective when combined together.

The F4X system does not involve any complicated or fancy workout styles. It just includes a combination of simple exercises which focuses on major muscle groups of our body, thus giving the results you desire.

The minimum workout time for all three workout plans are 30 minutes, and it won’t take you more than 60 minutes to complete any of the plans.

The three different workout plans of the F4X protocol are:

  1. The Old School New Body F4X Lean workout

This workout is perfect for those of you who are just starting out their phase in fitness training. It will introduce you to the F4X method of training. This plan is designed in such a way that you lose excess fat to the maximum and build up lean muscles.

It will help you tone up your muscles and help your body get used to resistance training workout.

This part of the protocol is also called the “20 Minute Fat Blow Torch”. This workout plan is to be done three times a week for 30 minutes each, which gives you a total of only 90 minutes a week to shape up your body. It involves doing the four core exercises and increasing the number of sets as your body get accustomed to it.


  1. The Old School New Body F4X Shape Workout

Once you have built your lean muscles after the first workout, you can move to the next phase which is the “Shape”. This workout plan contains more exercises, is longer and is a little more intense. For those of you who just don’t want a lean body but also get the shape and cuts, this workout is what you should follow.

The workouts need to be done three times in a week and usually takes around 45 minutes to complete.

You need to make little changes in your lifting style, intake on nutrition and meals. You don’t need to make any major or complicated changes.

  1. John Rowley Getting Bulked From Old School New Body ProgramThe Old School New Body F4X Build Workout

The last workout plan is a full range bodybuilding plan. If you want to build more muscle mass, then this is the best workout for you.

It is an advanced training plan which is done four times a week, and the exercises should finish in an hour.

This workout plan is mostly preferred by serious bodybuilders, otherwise, the Lean and Shape workout plans are just fine.

Most people prefer to follow the first and second workout plans for a lean and toned body.

Is it better than other training programs? Why?

Yes, it is definitely better and safer than other workouts. This is because the weights used in this workout are minimum, which will have less pressure on your joints. Other workouts use heavy weights, and that may stress out your joints in the long run.

Another good thing about this workout plan is that it incorporates resistance training. There are multiple benefits to resistance training, such as:

  • It lowers your risk of most diseases and improves the sensitivity of insulin in your body.
  • It helps in countering bone loss that occurs with aging.
  • It greatly enhances your metabolism.
  • It stimulates the production of the body’s growth hormone.
  • It also lowers inflammation in the body.
  • It can stimulate reaction times from limbs to the eyes.

You might wonder why there is no mention of cardio workout in this program. However, you will realize that the short sets and long reps of this workout will heavily pump blood to your heart, giving a good cardio effect. This high-intensity workout will help you lose maximum weight very soon.

Who is the Old School New Body for?

This training program is perfect for anyone who wishes to lose weight, look younger, build lean muscles and tone up. It works best for both men and women alike. It can be followed even by people over twenties who wish to look younger and healthier.

Since these workouts cause very little stress on your joints, it can be followed by people over 40 or even 60. We can see the best example of Becky Holman who attained her dream body after the age of forty.

One should remember that this workout is not going to make your body look like a bodybuilder or like Hulk. Most men and women especially do not prefer that. However, this program will only give you a toned and shaped body.

What about the diet while following the program?

This training program does not ask you to eat less or starve yourself. Instead, it allows you to eat 5-6 meals a day. But, the meals should be more of protein and fewer carbs and refined foods.

The book comes with daily diets that are followed by Steve and Becky Holman. The diet plans are simple and include more healthy foods such as green vegetables, nuts and more fruits. It doesn’t give you any specific recipe but guides you into eating healthy.

Along with the program book, you get another ebook for “Paleo sweets” as a bonus. It contains a number of healthy guilt-free recipes for cakes, muffins and others.

Another good thing about the diet plan is that it has cheat days. They are called “Victory days”. A cheat day in a week will not frustrate you and boost your metabolism.

Full program layout of old school new bodyWhat is included in the Old School New Body?

The things that come with the Old School New Body are:

  1. The OSNB pdf

This pdf is an ebook with 101 pages. It is the main guide and contains the instructions to do the F4X exercises. This book will introduce you to the program and also contains diet rules that one should follow along with the workouts for maximum results.

It also includes the Advanced training of F4X and is mainly for those to wish to game up their workouts. However, the main three workouts are more than enough to give you your desired size and shape.

  1. The F4X Quick-Workout Start guide

This workout guide is like a summary of the main program. It allows the user to just start immediately without reading the whole 101 pages main program book. You can choose the body type you wish to have and directly start doing the workouts. It covers the three main workouts-Lean, Shape and Build.

  1. The Ultimate Fat-Burning Secret

This book contains tips and tricks on losing weight faster by eating specific foods along with the nutrition plan mentioned in the program.

It gives you good insights on how sleeping naked can help you get a lean body and what kind of dessert will boost your metabolism and so on.

  1. The Ultimate Muscle-Building Secret

This guide will give you instructions and rules on how to build up lean muscle. The focus here is not on bulky Hulk-like muscles but lean and toned muscles. It contains knowledge of fruit that will increase your muscle mass or food that can increase the level of testosterone in your body and many others. It is very helpful for those who wish to build a muscular body.

  1. The Ultimate Sex and Anti-Aging Secret

This guide is perfect for those who wish to boost their sex life as well as slow down the aging process. It gives insightful information on reducing wrinkle lines, tips to live longer, for better sleep, fruits and vegetables that have an aphrodisiac effect and many others.

  1. The Ultimate Happiness and Health Secret

This book will guide you into living a happier life and change your mindset into living a healthier life too. It will give information on foods that can relieve depression and increase your mood immediately. This quick read is for those who want to live an optimistic life.

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Pros and Cons of the Old School New Body Program


  • Developed by experienced and real experts
  • Best-suited for anyone of any age
  • Concise and easy
  • Takes very little time
  • Many successful stories
  • Good value for money
  • Money-back guarantee


  • Content is available only in audio
  • Online based content
  • Results take time to show and may vary

What are the in-depth advantages of the Old School New Body Program?

  • Developed by experienced and real experts

This is the biggest advantage of the program because there are many fitness gurus these days who hide behind the curtain with no credentials as such. Steve Holman is a renowned fitness guru and has been a great example of someone who transformed their body totally.

  • Best-suited for anyone of any age

One of the major pros of this program is that it can be used by other young and old alike. Unlike, current fitness programs that focus on younger people, this program is mainly targeted for people over 30,40,50 or even 60, who want to look younger.

  • Concise and easy

This program is comprehensive and does not give extra unnecessary information that may overwhelm the users before even starting. The contents of the program are easy to understand and can be smoothly followed by anyone.

  • Takes very little time

This is one of the best things about the workout. With this program, you need to give just 90 minutes per week to see the results. Many other workouts require you to give longer time commitments which become impossible with our busy schedule. This program gives good value for your time.

  • Many successful stories

If you browse through the internet, then you will find that this workout program has transformed the lives of many individuals. You can read from an authentic source.

  • Good value for money

The price that the program comes in is totally worth every penny. At such an affordable price it is difficult to find an easy and effective weight loss program.

  • Money-back guarantee

If anyone is not satisfied with the results within 60 days, then there is an offer for 100% money back guarantee. And, if you are also not satisfied with the service provided or the ease of purchasing the product, then 100% of your money will be returned.

What are the in-depth disadvantages of the product?

There are not much of disadvantages to this product. However, some of them are:

  • Content is available only in audio

This makes the product less competitive among other videos that contain videos. Some may prefer to watch the exercises and do it in order to gain motivation or to better understand the positions. But, the exercises here are simple, and there are many Youtube videos that can teach you the workouts of the program.

  • Online based content

The manual and instructions book of this program is only available online in the form of ebooks. Some users may prefer using physical books for better understanding or ease of reading.

  • Results take time to show and may vary

Since all of our bodies behave differently, this workout may show faster results in some while others may see results after some time. It also is not a fast process. With just 90 minutes per a week, this workout requires dedication and a strong commitment to seeing the desired results.


All-in-all, Old School New Body is truly an amazing product for any person who is new to having a workout routine centered around resistance training and wants a program that will bring great results in a time efficient and safe manner. Just the thoroughness of the F4X method coupled with the verified minds behind the method and topped off with a 100% money back guarantee on your results or your money back.. you simple cannot go wrong with this one. You can click here to get a coupon automatically applied to your purchase for their lowest available price and get going with Old School New Body today!


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