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Lean Belly Breakthrough Review 2020 – A Good Investment?

Lean Belly Breakthrough Being ReviewedThere’s a lot of people talking about Lean Belly Breakthrough, which is essentially a program for fat loss aimed specifically at men and women aged 35+ who want to get rid of excess fat before they develop even worse health problems. With that said, let’s go ahead and get more in-depth into our Lean Belly Breakthrough Review.

Lean Belly Breakthrough Review
  • Effectiveness
  • Support
  • User Results
  • Long Lasting Results


Put simply, if you are 35+ and want to lose fat around your belly and mid-section as a whole then look no further, you need to try this product out. Not only do they have great customer support so you’re not buying something and being left high and dry, but they also have a 60-day money back guarantee!

Gotta love a company that stands behind their product so strongly that they say either you will have results in 60 days or you will get all of your money back.

When it comes to a drug-free way to safely lose body fat for your overall health and longevity then don’t delay and get a 90% off coupon automatically applied to your purchase when you click this link and start using it today!

Read Our Full Review Of The LBB Program

Lean Belly Breakthrough (LBB) is mainly a downloadable digital e-book, however it’s really more of an instruction manual which claims to help individuals 35 and older dispose of stubborn belly fat. Here at Healthy Success Reviews we had 3 people who were qualified to test the product at varying degrees weight to lose and they are as follows:

  1. Linda R, 62 years old, 32 lbs overweight
  2. Chad W, 38 years old, 44 lbs overweight
  3. Leslie T, 47 years old, 24 lbs overweight

You will see a chart of their individual results presented later in this review (or skip forward to see them now). The program was for the most part made by a wellness coach named Bruce Krahn. Bruce claims to have 15 years of involvement in this field. A few of the topics contained in the Lean Belly Breakthrough bundle include:

  • A rundown of good foods that are exceptionally helpful in helping your body to get rid of the belly fat
  • A diagram of different supplements from nourishments, flavors and herbs that effect on the hormones which cause the body to stockpile fat
  • A rundown of awful foods and drinks that may cause serious health conditions or an advance of current ones
  • Nitty gritty clarification on the best way to help your digestion while you rest
  • Dr. Heinrick’ s way of cutting fat in various parts of the body
  • A day-by-day exercise program intended to be done once every day
  • Well-ordered method on what to do keeping in mind the end goal to dispose of your belly fat and its related medical and health issues
  • Sheet to keep track of your progress from time to time to see how far you’ve advanced

About the creator

Bruce Krahn

Bruce Krahn – Creator Of Lean Belly Breakthrough

The principal creator of LBB is known by the name Bruce Krahn. The entire situation that made him create this program began when Bruce Kahn’s father-in-law had a heart attack on a plane. He was raced to Dr. Heinrick who prompted him to attempt a 2-minute daily program. According to Krahn, his father-in-law lost around 9 pounds of fat from in the belly in 3 days subsequent to performing the 2-minute daily program. Furthermore, in a month, he had lost around 30 pounds. Bruce, at that point, made the program due in part to the impact of the outcomes he witnessed by his father-in-law.

How does The LBB Program Work?

One of the real claims made by Bruce about the program is that it’s ready to slice 1 to 3 lbs of fat from your belly in as few as 14 days.

On an important side note, LBB by and large works by limiting your utilization of awful cholesterols.

All the prescribed kinds of foods and drinks in the program are basically adapted towards decreasing the number of calories burned to maintain a high level of health and well-being.

In addition, Lean Belly Breakthrough additionally looks to wipe out the working and building up of lethal substances in the body. A blend of herbs and spices are a part of the method for the program to effectively detoxify the body. The greater part of the harmful toxins in the body is because of issues of worldwide temperature alterations and contamination. Additionally, LBB aims to regulate the blood sugar of the majority of type 2 diabetes sufferers. Those with type 2 diabetes gain in a large amount when their blood sugar has been stabilized. This is necessary because a stabilized level of body sugar makes sure that your body has an equally stabilized body energy level.

Also, the program generally keeps you focused and mentally present all through the day. It’s on record that an appropriately healthy, working and invigorated body is a noteworthy thing to solid living. On top of that, LBB additionally helps in bringing down the stress or pressure related hormones and vitally increases the creation of the feel-good hormones. Research demonstrates that various individuals who have been able to utilize the program have altogether enhanced their personal satisfaction in the quality of their life.

Who is LBB For?

Any individual who basically needs to lose some fat around the stomach area can buy the program yet LBB was intentionally designed for people aged 35 years or more. The program is greatly valued by the older crowd since they are generally more well-acquainted with the majority of the knowing dieting regimens than the more younger crowd.

Furthermore, individuals with excess belly fat who need to lose the extra fat can fully utilize the system which would be of much significance to them. Research demonstrates that belly fat can be to a great degree risky and it might really prompt different full-blown health problems if not given adequate consideration at the correct time. With the assistance of LBB, you can lose weight without having to risk potentially life-threatening surgeries, counting calories and overall self-starvation.

Main Features of The LBB Program

  1. The program guarantees you to lose around 30 pounds in a month without essentially engaging yourself in heavily body tolling exercise or having to use any unsafe medications, or all of your money back.
  2. Gives you fat dissolving tips to enable you to prevent the accumulation of cholesterol in your body (like the fat burning tip in the video below): 
  3. Offers you a whole rundown of spices, foods, and herbs to enable you to keep your hormonal levels in check and essentially have good health and wellbeing.
  4. The program offers you an everyday observing procedure to enable you to keep tabs on your development and imperatively give your metabolism a kickstart.
  5. LBB includes a 2-minute everyday ritual which is simple to execute with step by step instructions anybody can follow.

LBB Reactions and Side Effects

drug freeGiven that LBB doesn’t include utilizing or taking anything, there are absolutely no known reactions or side effects related to the program. The point of the program is mainly to influence you to eat more beneficial foods and critically know the about the foods that you should maintain a strategic distance from. LBB is absolutely nothing at all like the other dietary supplements known for weight reduction or fat loss. The LBB Program fundamentally comprises of eating routines and exercise videos which will enable you to meet your weight and fat loss goals. Basically, you don’t need to stress over anything since the program is really drug-free with no negative side effects.

Is LBB a scam?

seal of approvalThe way that they’ve decided to market the program is really what can begin to raise red flags. When you first experience the LBB promotion you may believe it’s really some sort of a scam. Bruce Krahn utilizes a considerable measure of pop-ups which is something you would expect with a con artist. In any case, after a point by point investigation, we affirmed that without a doubt Bruce Krahn is a genuine individual. You can really contact him by means of twitter or email where he is very dynamic in reacting to inquiries in connection with his program. In short, to be abundantly clear, Lean Belly Breakthrough is a real, very widely-used program and is the absolute opposite of a scam or con-artist job.

What Do We Love About The LBB Program

60-day 100% money-back guarantee: The program is 100% risk-free. Anybody can give it a shot and in the event that it doesn’t work for you, all of your money will be returned inside 60 days.

Simple to follow: The program includes a portion of the fundamental things that anybody can simply follow. The included exercise is anything but difficult to follow and the foods required are likewise very basic. There’s simply no true excuse you can give when it comes following the program once a day.

Suits everybody: Although the current data demonstrates that the program is fundamental for people aged 35 or more, it’s very easy to see that it can really work for any person who decides to seriously try out the system. The information needed, foods to eat and exercise schedules are just so highly adaptable for ladies and men of all ages. It’s truly a healthy way of life that anybody can adjust to.

Works long haul: LBB typically goes for the underlying driver of the issue with regards to belly fat. This routinely works after a semi drawn-out stretch of time. After one has accomplished their weight reduction goals, it’s really a simple thing to continue following the routine and you can simply foresee a long haul period of health bliss for those who give it a shot.

It’s solid: The man behind the whole program, Bruce Krahn is one experienced individual who has a track record of over 15 years of ability as a fitness coach for the vast majority of celebrities.

Besides, the data offered to us about the program is extremely exact and straightforward to follow. More or less, we can rightfully say that the program is simply unbelievable and only gives more advantages to your way of life.

Proficient tips: Bruce Krahn shares some of most noteworthy hints out of his 15 years of experience. They included food plans which are highly enjoyable and simply delicious. Genuinely, LBB is 9 steps ahead of any of their competitors.

Progress Chart Of Our Lean Belly Breakthrough Product Testers


LBB Product Testers Linda R. – age 62 Chad W. – age 38 Leslie T. – age 47
Lbs Overweight 32 Lbs 44 Lbs 24 Lbs
30 Day Progress 20 Lbs Left 29 Lbs Left 14 Lbs Left
60 Day Progress 13 Lbs Left 18 Lbs Left 7 Lbs Left
90 Day Progress 4 Lbs Left 7 Lbs Left 0 Lbs Left


Progress Bar Graph Of Lbs Left To Lose Until Product Testers Weight Loss Goals Were Met 

Note: Leslie hit her goals by Day 90 which is why there is no bar on the bar graph for her on Day 90.

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What We Didn’t Care For About The LBB Program

The guidance from your doctor or specialist reigns supreme

As viable the program can be, it can’t at all override the service you get from your doctor. This is all on the grounds that the program does not have any official verification. Also, in spite of the fact that the program adopts a natural and more holistic strategy, you can’t totally disregard any potential unforeseen effects from using the program. In the event that you have any issue identified with belly fat, you should adhere to the program given to you by your doctor.

It’s Impossible to only lose belly fat

Highly effective exercise and eating routines are fundamentally the primary components associated with The LBB program. Despite the fact that the program guarantees that you will just lose the belly fat, it’s really not the truth at face value. Any person who uses the program will simply lose fat at a similar rate everywhere throughout the body. More or less, spot fat reduction is only a legend, you can’t lose fat just in your belly.

Available Only For Digital Download

The LBB program is just accessible in digital e-book format and must be downloaded from their official site. A few people may require getting the program in printed copy yet the alternative isn’t given by the company. Some may likewise require the program to be transported by shipping, yet that also is an alternative that is not provided by the company.

It Is Not A Replacement For Healthcare

In spite of the fact that Bruce Krahn claims that the program helped his father-in-law lose up to 30 pounds in a month, it can’t altogether override proficient healthcare. LBB was created for enhancing your health, way of life, diminishing belly fat and essentially bringing a general body health advantage.

The Pros and Cons Of The LBB Program

LBB ProsLBB Cons
  • Utilizes 100% holistic ways and strategies to effectively enable you to quickly lose the undesirable belly fat
  • The overall value of the product after you’ve used it fat surpasses the actual price you pay for it
  • Efficient support headed by Bruce Krahn who clear all stresses and answer client questions at the earliest opportunity.
  • The staggering feedback from clients of the program shows that indeed the program routinely works for the average person as advertised
  • LBB does not include strict eating routine or overly-enthusiastic exercises
  • Moderately saves time and has a greater effect in less time when compared to the plethora of their competitors
Process Of Purchasing The LBB Program

You can buy the LBB program for full price at their website, however, you can click this link to automatically apply a 90% off coupon to your purchase. You can immediately download the digital e-book after you finish the payment. This additionally implies you can only get the softcopy and you can’t get a printed version by means of email. Essential to any online item sold by means of Clickbank (the payment vendor company), Lean Belly Breakthrough accompanies 60-days unconditional money-back guarantee. This, by and large, implies that on the off chance that you have purchased the item and you are not happy with what you have gotten, you can simply request a discount and it will be done inside 60 days. You can just straightforwardly contact Clickbank through their number 800-390-6035 without having to even contact the writer of the book.

Instructions To Buy The LBB Program

Lean Belly Breakthrough is accessible on their official site. Once again, you can click this link to have 90% off coupon automatically applied to your purchase. By and by, be careful with online con artists who may guarantee to give the program for free as that is illegal and you may be pursued by the owner of the company for illegal theft of the product.


With the above talk, it’s without a doubt that Lean Belly Breakthrough is an ideal program for any individual who needs to dispose of some belly fat. The viable program will enable you to get rid of a couple of pounds and vitally accomplish your health goals and objectives and increase your way of life. In any case, you should understand that the words your read will stay just that, only words you’ve read unless you put the highly valuable knowledge into action. When you follow the step-by-step easy to follow instructions and take your health goals seriously you can rest assured you will have a lot of success losing weight, or of course all of your money back if your not happy with your results, but we expect you will be pleasantly and refreshingly surprised at the effectiveness of this program.






Thanks for this review! Really went into great detail and answered questions I couldn’t find the answers to after reading many reviews. However, I can never find any information about the associated exercises so I’m wondering if you could reveal some?

Tara F.

Hey Alison, thanks for reading our review and happy we could help. I would say that many of the exercises in this program are actually something called static isometric hold workouts.

They are very low-intensity and usually involve you holding a certain position that engages the targeted muscles for a few seconds then releasing the hold. Once again, if there are any misunderstandings or if you need help their support truly is top notch.

Hope that helps and thanks for your comment Alison =)

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