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The Benefits of Yoga Nidra

deep in yoga nidraMany people talk about how yoga brings them tons of relaxation but you can’t really talk about yogic relaxation without mentioning yoga nidra. Yoga Nidra is amongst the deepest kind of relaxation – practiced by Yogis throughout states of meditation. It’s ordinarily represented as experiencing an unbelievable calmness and clarity to the mind and, according to Livestrong, it actually helps “create balance and harmony in the nervous system by quieting the mind.”[2] True yoga nidra is frequently observed as a kind of ‘yogic sleep’ whereas within the state of yoga nidra, you’re further beyond a waking state, past a dreaming state, and inside a kind of sleep or very deep meditative state even though you are truly awake.

Yoga Nidra may be difficult to achieve successfully, however with regular application, understanding practice makes progress, and a dedicated type of attitude, it will occur at each meditation session if a practician chooses to try and do so. Once yoga nidra is practiced often, it brings a deep state of calm to the yogic practician, that transcends into daily life. Even strenuous mental and physical activities won’t feel as nerve-wracking once you have achieved this state of calm. It’s really something worth striving for in your yogic career.

As a result, you may become simpler in everything you are doing, as your mind is no longer so pervasively clouded by extra or negative thoughts, and you’ll be able to concentrate on doing the task at hand. This revived calmness in which yoga instructor Jana Roemer calls “yoga nidra… the practice of conscious sleep”[1] in your life, and therefore the ability to clear your mind, also can cause higher, additional relaxing sleep at nighttime – translating into a positive cycle that makes an overall healthier being.

The state of yoga nidra creates a strong mind and body link, unlike many others. when it’s being practiced, the mind makes the whole body relax, promoting higher circulation of the blood and easing the pains of the body, like those that occur with headaches or backaches.

One of the truly superb aspects of yoga nidra is that the indisputable fact that you’ll be able to truly reconstitute your temperament in an exceedingly positive manner because it’s been shown to “help with insomnia and [relieve] some of the mental clutter”[4] by wiping your emotional baggage clean. This ability to abandon negativity takes place as a result of you being in such a state of relaxation and emotional well-being and a program that’s great at this along bringing about a healthier body is called Yoga Burn which can really help you with an effective yoga flow structure eventually leading to yoga nidra. By using your time in yoga nidra, while being focused on a positive thought, you’ll be able to make this positive thought override your mind, and become a permanent side of your being.

Being within the state of yoga nidra additionally makes it easier to be open to learning new things because it opens the mind to new thoughts and experiences. As a product of this, and also the states of relaxation it promotes, yoga nidra is a good treatment for individuals with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and different anxiety disorders. According to Yoga Journal, a yoga instructor named Richard “Miller is responsible for bringing the practice to a remarkable variety of nontraditional settings” which includes “military bases and in veterans’ clinics, homeless shelters, Montessori schools, Head Start programs, hospitals, hospices, chemical dependency centers, and jails.”[3] It’s been additionally noted to minimize or cure such ailments as depression, asthma, migraines, and ulcers.

By harnessing the ability of your mind during this deep sleep-like but still conscious state, you’ll be able to become a much more intelligent and peaceful person overall – can’t forget to mention experiencing an entirely new state of being and fresh zen found in practicing yoga


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