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What Is Kundalini Yoga

Many Yoga practices include portions of Kundalini Yoga in them. There’s some misunderstanding about Kundalini and the yoga’s connection to sexuality. Most novices to this practice are attracted to it by the sexual aspect alone, assuming the term, Kundalini Rising, specifically refers to some sort of orgasm. However, it’s a yoga that can be used for weight loss (in addition to an effective weight loss routine) as evidenced by Game of Thrones actress Gwendoline Christie who stated for Radio Times that she “lost a lot of weight. I got a trainer. I did kickboxing, Kundalini yoga, running.”[2] All Yoga shoots for the ideals of total and complete enlightenment. Yes, Kundalini Yoga is great for improving your sex and sex life, (as are most Yoga’s), but let’s examine this a tad bit further.

The meaning of Kundalini (in official Sanskrit) is translated as a ‘coiled, corporeal energy’ or also as an ‘unconscious, instinctive, libidinal force ( a.k.a Shakti)’ which lies (in curled fashion) at the bottom of the spine. According to Gaia “Kundalini Yoga is a blend of Bhakti Yoga (the yogic practice of devotion and chanting), Raja Yoga (the practice of mediation/mental and physical control) and Shakti Yoga, (for the expression of power and energy).”[3] It’s a spiritual or life force energy which is generally visualized as a serpent. Hence its name – Kundalini (or Kundala) – which essentially is ‘that which is coiled” or “to coil or to spiral’. Kundalini Yoga wakes up this dormant Kundalini Shakti (from its coiled base), upwards through the body, then through the 6 different chakras (traveling the path along the main channels of pranic energy located inside the body) to penetrate the crown (or 7th) chakra, developing character, strength, consciousness along with awareness.

It’s been referred to as ‘serpent power’ and Nirmala Srivastava describes it as a ‘residual power of pure desire’. According to KundaliniYoga.org it is defined as “an ancient art and science dealing with the transformation and expansion of consciousness.”[4] Trying to explain the actual location is quite difficult, with some saying that it resides in-between the navel and the rectum, while others say it can be in the sacrum bone. To some extent we can all feel it especially during increased times of excitement or danger – perhaps in conjunction with the ‘fight or flight’ adrenaline response.Sexual energy is the most powerful energy in the human body – it has to be to create life.

While some Yoga practices could renounce sexual energy, Kundalini Yoga embraces it and uses its techniques (asanas, meditations, active and passive kriya sequences, control and pranayama) to channel sexual energy up the spine to empower spiritual development. To clarify the primary purpose created during this article – Kundalini Yoga is so glorious for shifting ALL energies within the material body and this naturally includes sexual energy and there’s even some kundalini yoga in Yoga Burn total body challenge. Also according to Prevention “International Journal of Yoga Therapy suggests that Kundalini yoga can help reduce symptoms of generalized anxiety disorder”[1] so there are many potential unintended benefits. Do note, the main goal of Kundalini Yoga isn’t great sex, but great sex is a pleasant side effect of it.
Yogi Bhajan (who taught and practiced Kundalini techniques for more than 35 years) was of the view that sex was holy, should be reserved for committed relationships and did not advocate casual sexual encounters at all. Yogi Bhajan believed sacred sex was happy love in action with each partners treating one another like sacred temples of the divine and his overwhelming theme was continually – ‘See God in All’. He was the primary to show Kundalini Yoga brazenly, touching several hearts, gap several minds and mentoring several politicians, statesmen and far-famed personalities. He was equally at home whether teaching in a boardroom or sitting on the grass in a park.
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