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What Is Bhakti Yoga

Yoga is that that connects. The method of connecting the Soul to the Divine with the correct bond is what is called yoga. Bhakti represents the express path of pure devotion.

Jnana yoga is knowing more about the Divine through express knowledge. Karma Yoga is the method of performing the activity.  According to the Narada Bhakti Sutras, “bhakti is intense love for God”[2] and Bhakti yoga is the method of falling in true love with the Divine.

We can begin to understand this by with a little mundane example. Whenever an individual likes somebody there are usually some steps the person follows. First off one desires to understand a lot more regarding the person. Second, the person cares about the beloved and would then wish to please the beloved. Also within the spiritual realm too, knowing the Divine through deep knowledge is Jnana Yoga. Pondering about the divine is Dhyaan Yoga and serving the Lord through service is Karma Yoga.

Bhakti suggests that Devotion and Yoga is a connection or Union. Thus we connect to the self within through the method of devotion.

Bhakti Yoga is indeed the yoga of Devotion. It’s the reality of creating/having a personal relationship with the Supreme Absolute. It’s a deep craving to experience love in its purest and highest kind, to unite therewith with that that is eternal and unchanging. And there’s many communities and establishments around bhakti yoga such as, according to Vice, Bhakti Yoga Shala which the founders said about starting it that “Having spiritual community in Los Angeles is so important because without it, it can be a very difficult place.”[1]

The Bhakti Sutras make the case that bhakti yoga is not only the means, but also the end: It’s the exact way to cultivate and deepen devotion, and is union with the Divine-the final goal. According to Yoga Journal, yoga scholar David Frawley writes in his book that bhakti yoga “consists of concentrating one’s mind, emotions, and senses on the Divine.”[3]

The path of bhakti yoga poses permits those of us who practice using all of our senses, all of our emotions, and every one of our actions to show love in our daily interactions and provide them to whichever form of God suits our individual personalities and cultural upbringing, whether or not it’s Krishna, Christ, Yahweh, Hanuman, Allah, the Divine Mother, or another kind. Also kirtan (praise of the divine) is important and, according to Mindbodygreen, chanting ‘OM’ “stimulates the vagus nerve” which “may also explain the soothing and relaxing effects of kirtan (satsang)—an important element of Bhakti yoga.”[4]

It is having the bravery to face ourselves at the deepest levels of our being when yoga burn is reviewed, and provide everything that we are to the Divine, both the great and also the bad, without holding any things back. And it’s the entire dedication and surrender of everything we actually do inside of our daily lives as acts of worship.

The unaltered path of divine love is as alive and relevant nowadays just as it was back in the days of the ancient sages. Through this path, we are able to remodel our existence from the mundane to the sacred, from the trivial to the profound. By cultivating the principles of health, love and affection, compassion, gratitude, surrender, and unselfish service, we are able to prepare our hearts and minds to receive the grace of unconditional love and knowledge. Then we tend to become the instruments of the Divine, which is when everything we do is an expression of affection and devotion. Our lives become a celebration.


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