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5 Ways to Lose 5 Pounds in a Week Meal Plan

WOmen and men losing weightLosing weight cannot happen in just a day, you need to practice a strict diet and exercise regime to lose weight. However, currently, there are many programs that are promising to provide a quick weight loss process, but, most of the time they are not suitable for your health. However, if you follow the right week meal plan, then there are chances to lose five pounds in a week, only if you are committed to losing weight.

The best way to improve your self-esteem quickly, and one of the best methods to change your lifestyle, attitude, and expectations is to lose weight. Also, there are certain ways that can help you fight your weight problem and improve your health in many ways. To follow these methods, you don’t need to starve yourself, no need to bother spending money on dangerous weight loss supplements, and you don’t have to work out strenously to get successful weight loss results so let’s get into our 5 Ways to Lose 5 Pounds in a Week Meal Plan.

These methods, presented by Healthysuccessreviews.com are easy to follow and they are very flexible as well, you can choose the best method that works best for you without ruining your life, but for a more comprehensive weight loss program you should definitely check out our Lean Belly Breakthrough program review. The basic tip is, the more changes you make in your eating habits and lifestyle, then the more weight you can lose without putting your body in any dangerous conditions. Just follow any of the simple plans below and by the end of the week, you can see some very positive results.

1. Make your own snacks

Now, it is the time to make your own snack, if you want to reduce the size of your waist a couple of inches smaller and also save a lot of money. You can achieve this if you are able to make your own snacks at your own home. Currently, the kids are not having control over their eating habits as there are a number of snacks options that are filled with processed ingredients, unhealthy fats, chemicals and excess calories. But, when you are trying to cut down your weight, then do it in the right way, start eating healthy and wholesome snacks. When you start making your own snack, then you will ensure that you use only 100 percent clean ingredients and it contains a lot of protein and fiber to keep you full for several hours.

Fresh Vegetables To Eat And Lose Weight With2. Exchange Refined Carbs for Veggies

The carbs in spaghetti, sandwich rolls, and white rice, can make you gain a lot of weight as these foods are digested easily and make you hungry which may make you eat a lot later. Many individuals try to replace white rice with brown rice, white bread with brown bread, but many nutritionists say that instead of replacing these carb foods with healthier whole-grain products that contain fibers which can sometimes cause bloating, instead exchange them with vegetables for the entire week and see the difference.

Exchange rice with cauliflower grains, chips with carrots dip. The compound carbs from vegetables make your digestive system digest them slowly compared to easy carbs so that you will stay hunger-free for a longer time. The other best reason is that most of these veggies contain a lot of water content, and when you eat them they will flush out the excess water in the body and help you lose weight easily.

3. Eat more healthy fats

Many dieters’ advice to avoid fat completely as they believe that you can gain weight if you eat fat and they treat fat as if its the enemy. But, studies now show that certain fats can considerably limit your appetite, increases your metabolism, and helps your body melt those unwanted fats quickly. Obviously, your body does not store all fat in your waistline, especially if you consume polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats. These fats are found in superfoods like olives, nuts, olive oil, seeds, some kind of fish, fruits, etc., and these fats will reduce cholesterol, limit your appetite, and does not build-up fat in your bust, belly, and arteries.

Coconut oil is one of the best and number one on the list of healthy fats that can help you lose those extra pounds.

4. Limit hunger with an appetite suppressant

Fresh avocado, eggs and tomatoes for breakfastAromas and natural foods can intestinally decrease your appetite and help you not think of food for a longer time. That means you will consume only fewer calories per day and gradually it helps you shed those extra pounds quickly and help you lose weight in just a week’s time. Start your day with a good breakfast and have avocados and eggs as they are filled with powerful nutrients that are required for your body and keep you full for a longer period compared to eating starchy breakfast like bagels or cereal. Also, give some boosting spices to increase metabolism like cayenne pepper, it will curb your hunger and helps your body burns calories swiftly. Also, some kind of aromas tricks your brain and they can produce satiety hormones. According to science, sniffing garlic, vanilla, and peppermint, can restrict your cravings and makes you feel full and help you in your weight loss process.

5. Exercise in the Morning

Studies show that exercising in the morning time, before you eat your breakfast, can actually help you reduce weight especially as it reduces the size of your waistline. Every single day, whether it’s running, weight lifting or performing yoga poses for weight loss, start the day with exercises as it helps you burn maximum fat and improves your metabolism and keeps you energetic the entire day. Below is an example of a quick 15 min exercise you can do every morning from the comfort of your home.

You must follow the exercise session without fail to make sure you are burning all those extra calories, and following the right meal plan can allow you to lose extra weight easily. As you all know that Breakfast is an important meal of the day and it has a huge timeframe as every individual start their daily routine at different hours. Suppose, if you eat your breakfast early in the morning at 5:00 am, and then you can enjoy a morning snack at 8:00 am. It is very essential to make an even time space between all the meals. The main goal is to expand your digestion which can further help you improve metabolism and help you lose weight. Also, you must make sure to eat the breakfast early
morning and avoid eating your dinner close to bedtime. You must eat your dinner at least one hour before your bedtime.

Also, make sure to drink a lot of water and you can as well drink some black coffee and green tea without sugar. You must control your sugar intake, which is a very important fact that you can’t ignore at all when you want to lose weight quickly. If possible avoid sugar completely, drinking water is the optimum choice as it does not contain any calories and it can help you reduce your weight quickly and provides quick results.

You must remember this always that in any meal plan, water intake must be in large quantity. Especially, when you want to reduce five pounds in a week plan, you must manage to drink a lot of water, which is very essential to get quick results. However, make sure to stay between the peaks of overhydration, because if you are dehydrated, you will feel hungry. It is recommended that for every pound body weight you must take at least quarter ounce of water
on a daily basis, but not more than half an ounce. When you drink water in the morning times, try to drink room temperature or warm water so that your vital organs adjust to breaking the fasting the entire night, after that, you can drink ice water the entire day or you can as well include lemon to control food cravings.

water pouring over ice in glassDrinking a lot of water is good because it does not contain sodium and it can give you more of a toned look and keeps you properly hydrated. If you have already reached your limit for water intake, then choose to eat some foods that do not contain many calories like celery as it is filled with water, you can also choose to eat sliced cucumber, eat plain or add some lemon juice. You can eat cucumber with skin as it contains more flavor and nutritional value.

You can as well choose to drink some caffeine, and add some antioxidants by drinking green tea. So, instead of water, you can as well drink some coffee and tea to keep yourself hydrated. If you are working out a lot and if you feel that you need extra strength, then you can include a green smoothie or add some no protein drink after your workouts. However, you should ensure to drink only greens but not fruit smoothies that are filled with sugars. Green smoothies can offers nutrients but do not include sugar, calories, and carb values. The best part is, it helps you get strength at the same time help you lose weight without causing any serious effect on your health.

Many individuals want to lose weight for many reasons, they might want to fit in their sexy dress and look sexy for the coming up event. Some of them want to lose weight to spend a wonderful holiday with their loved ones on the beach so that they can flaunt their beautiful body in their beautiful bikinis. And, some people want to lose weight just to maintain their health. Whatever the reason is, the main goal is losing those extra pounds quickly in just one week’s time.

Also, it is important to keep the lost weight at bay even after you are done with your five-day plan. These methods and healthy lifestyle approach can help you burn the extra calories quickly. It is important to provide the required nutrients to your body as it is required to cut down the excess weight. These amazing weight loss tricks or tips can help you lose five pounds in a week and gain a slimmer body quickly, without causing any harmful effects to your health. However, if you’d like more guaranteed A-Z program with support for weight loss then you need to read our review on the Lean Belly Breakthrough program by clicking here.